Garlic Pickle

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This garlic pickle really will change your food life forever! Made with and packed full of fresh garlic chunks, bound in a super smooth and mega tasty spicy paste, its the most versatile product we have ever produced to date.

Use it as a condiment or on a sandwich as well as many, many uses for cooking with. This really is a must for anyone that’s a fan of garlic or if you need to keep the vampires away! Enjoy.

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Our Medium range on the Heat O Meter contains wonderful combinations of spices and chillis with a decent amount of heat, but not a kick. Perfect for people who are looking for something spicy and warming rather than really hot.


Garlic (80%), Fenugreek, Chilli, Paprika, Rapeseed Oil, Mustard, Salt, Bay Leaves, Mango and Spices. (allergens are written in bold)

10 reviews for Garlic Pickle

  1. Mark

    This is the best garlic pickle I’ve tried by a long way and I’m a real garlic lover. I almost did’t get to try it the first time I bought some as my Indian wife and her friends had polished off most of the jar before I got home! Since then I’ve been placing a regular order.

  2. Mary Conway

    Love, love, love this product. Once a jar has been opened I find it hard to keep away.

  3. Jerry

    Bought this at the Westdean chilli fiesta the other day and it’s all gone. That’s why I’m on the site now, enough said

  4. Craig, Coventry (verified owner)

    Very nice Garlic pickle could be used on anything to add extra taste. I would give it more stars if I could.

  5. tomkycraig72 (verified owner)

    Very nice Garlic pickle, It can be used in sandwiches or cooking

  6. Ian Piper

    Another first-class Mr Vikkis product. I bought a jar of this in Keswick Market a few weeks ago and it’s already finished.

  7. Jason holton

    I bought this pickle from the Lowry Makers market in Manchester this weekend as I’m an Able and Cole Organic produce employee and was running a stall there..I bought several mr Vikki products that day and I’m absolutely blown away by them..the Garlic pickle is heaven in a jar..the best I’ve ever tasted

  8. Kate Bradley

    Oh my goodness Mr Vikkis this is delightful! Our jar is almost gone and we only opened it yesterday!

  9. Jase

    This is the best Garlic pickle i have eaten. Bought from chilli wizard

  10. ssymmonds (verified owner)

    Absolutely Stunning!!
    .. I love this with mature cheddar Cheese & Crackers !!

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