Hot Brinjal Pickle

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A classic hot and sour Indian pickle, this rich classic Brinjal pickle is made with fresh aubergines lifted by chillies that have been roasted to give a nutty smokey flavour. It’s a brand new recipe which is proving to be very popular, sweet hot and tasty, a great modern sandwich pickle with a good punchy chilli flavour, good with cheese also.

We put it on toast then cheese on top and grill for a superb snack.

1 star Great Taste award 2010
2 Star award 2013/14.

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Our Medium range on the Heat O Meter contains wonderful combinations of spices and chillis with a decent amount of heat, but not a kick. Perfect for people who are looking for something spicy and warming rather than really hot.


Ingredients: Aubergine (50%), Sugar, Vinegar,Rapeseed Oil,Salt,Fenugreek Seeds,Tamarind,MUSTARD Seeds,Salt,Cumin Seeds,Cornstarch,Fenugreek,Leaves, Spices.

Allergens listed in bold. May contain traces of nuts.

6 reviews for Hot Brinjal Pickle

  1. SW

    If you haven’t tried this yet – try it. Subtle and delicious, you will find yourself making excuses to eat it.

  2. tomkycraig72 (verified owner)

    This is for people like me who can’t take really hot products this has a low chilli content and you could eat as much as you want without regretting it later. This has a unusual smoky taste and works well on cheese on toast or adding to a lamb rogan josh curry.

  3. Pete L

    Ridiculously addictive. We found this at an outdoor market and have gone through 2 jars in 2 weeks. We’re now having to put an order in for 10 to keep us supplied and spread the good word of Brinjal Pickle to friends and family. Never have a dull sandwich/burger/salad ever again! As others have said, it’s not what you’d call hot but adds a satisfactory heat that’s acceptable to most. The sweet smokey taste is wonderful.

  4. Steve

    Simply amazing on a bacon and egg muffin.

  5. britcat100 (verified owner)

    Outstanding pickle. My wife is addicted (she’d eaten all the garlic pickle and is now happily ploughing her way through this) – sweet and smokey with a lovely warmth.
    Can’t recommend it enough.
    I’ll order some more.

    • mrvikkis

      Thanks again Britcat you v kind

  6. Peter Heffernan (verified owner)

    Sweet, smoky, not too spicy and the perfect accompaniment to cheese. 10/10 pickle this.

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