Hot Coriander Sauce

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An amazing sweet chilli sauce, perfect for dipping into, drizzling over salads or using as a sweet chilli marinade!

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Our Warm products have slightly more chilli content than our mild ones. Chilli-heads will find this packed with great flavours yet still mild. People that like a mild chilli sensation should try this as it offers a little more heat but not enough to make you flush!


sugar,Jalapeno Peppers 40%,Garlic,Vinegar,Ginger,Salt,Paprika,Coriander seeds,Cornflour,spices,MUSTARD,xanthan gum

14 reviews for Hot Coriander Sauce

  1. Carlisle chad

    Being unable to get any more RSJ (moderators, why not?) this a great substitute. A wonderful flavour with a warming , rather than a burning, level of heat, this stuff is really versatile and a great addition to any kitchen.

  2. Rik (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. Such depth of flavour.

  3. Steve

    Best sauce for a Sunday morning bacon sarnie. Lovely depth of flavour a real family favourite

  4. Chloe

    this is beautiful! the sweet tangy flavours of a sweet chilli sauce but with a nice heat. love this on cheese on toast mmmm

  5. Lulu

    Have been buying this when in Spain, it is warming and full of flavour. I almost have it with everything

  6. Robert Symons (verified owner)

    This is the best everyday sauce you can get! Just the right heat and sweetness, literally goes with ANYTHING!

  7. Niall henderson (verified owner)

    If Carlsberg made a chilli sauce this one would beat it to a pulp and rain down mouthwatering coriander and chilli deliciousness upon it.
    Surely the tears of some Thai deity may conceivably taste this good.
    Had with smoked salmon and homemade sourdough tortillas and later this week will dip tofu in before applying panko breadcrumbs and shallow frying and serve with more sauce , tempura vegetables and sticky rice bowls!

    • mrvikkis

      Awsome review Niall thank you

  8. britcat100 (verified owner)

    An absolutely cracking sweet chilli sauce. Used it on bacon sandwiches / cheese and crackers and as a dipping sauce for the tempura veg I made the other day.
    Totally addictive.
    Thanks for making it.

  9. Nathan Stroud (verified owner)

    This puts other sweet chilli sauces to shame. Lovely with spring rolls. The coriander taste comes through just lovely

    • mrvikkis

      Thanks Nathan great comment all best MrV

  10. rsneade17 (verified owner)

    I thought that this wonderful sauce was going to be more like sweet chilli, how wrong I was! Epic in a bacon sandwich, cheese on toast or any sort of sandwich you can think of!
    Thanks again Mr Vikkis! Highly recommended!

    • mrvikkis

      Cheers Rob great review thanks

  11. Paul H

    Mr Vikki’s Hot Coriander Sauce is absolutely amazing. Busting with flavour and so versatile. A truly wonderful sweet chilli sauce. I’m addicted to it.

    • mrvikkis

      Thanks Paul
      Great review

  12. Daz Brady

    Can’t put into words how good this Hot Coriander Sauce tastes – Mr Vikkis has captured the great taste of coriander and added some sweet heat to create absolute perfection.

    It’s a favourite of mine simply drizzled over pork loin on rice, or mixed into a chicken and noodle stir-fry for a unique ‘oriental’ sweet chilli taste that’s not going to burn your mouth off.

    So full of flavour, you cannot go wrong with this sauce – and there is nothing else out there anywhere quite like it. A unique and brilliant sauce indeed. We bloody love this stuff!

    • mrvikkis

      Thanks Daz Awsome review

  13. Andrew currie (verified owner)

    First came across Mr V’s hot coriander sauce in Spain of all places and it blew my taste buds into the solar system. I use HCS on almost everything, it is difficult to explain how it turns a mediocre meal into something really special. I’m now going through the rest of the items that Mr Vikki’s sells. Keep up the good work team ☺️

    • mrvikkis

      Thanks Andrew

  14. Ang

    Lovely sauce, hint of coriander and then a subtle heat.
    Love it on almost everything I eat.
    My only gripe is that it’s very hard to come out off the bottle, I would love it in a squeeze bottle.

    • mrvikkis

      Thanks Ang

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