Super Hot Guy Fawkes Mustard

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Hott NO CHILLI mustard in the UK, a superb English mustard guaranteed to Blow your Granny’s socks off!! Mr Vikkis Guy Fawkes Mustard is a Super Hot English Mustard giving you a really amazing flavour to compliment any cold meat.

Guy Fawkes products are without even a hint of chilli, we doubt you’ll be disappointed by the lack of chilli, this mustard really is Super Hot!

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Very Hot

This is it, the Shangri-la of Chilli products designed for proper chilli heads who can take the heat! The hottest of the hot, our Very Hot products are also brimming with flavour and spices but they are not for the faint hearted.


Mustard, Vinegar, Honey, Salt, Spices. 210g net wt. Allergens listed in bold, may contain nuts.

5 reviews for Super Hot Guy Fawkes Mustard

  1. Petedawson63

    Great mustard with a real bite.

  2. robj (verified owner)

    Super hot mustard? Not as hot as expected. Disappointed? Not at all! Forget pure heat and think: intense deep complex flavour. Knocks the socks off other mustard on the market. Pure comfort food for those who like their comfort on the warm side!

  3. Nathan Stroud (verified owner)

    Another beautiful product. Great in a ham sanga!!

  4. Rob (verified owner)

    This is magic. I bought a jar of this stuff ages ago and have never gone back to using Colemans or any other mustard since. I’ll never look back. This wonderful stuff smacks you right on the nose and doesn’t mess around. Hotdogs and bacon sandwiches have never been the same. Mr Vikkis is the best chilli sauce maker, mustard and mayo maker in the world as far as I’m concerned. I can’t see how mustard can get any better. Epic.

    • mrvikkis


  5. vettedude85 (verified owner)

    Living in America, I searched high and low for 20+ years to find a product like this. In my 20’s I went to a pub where they served a meat and mustard with a fantastic burn. At the time I had no idea of what it was but for the last 20 years I’ve searched all over. I tried hot dijon mustards, German mustards, mustards with chilis in them. None matched the “wasabi like” burn of that mustard. UNTIL NOW! What I just ordered is it! A proper English mustard as I believe you say. I am hooked for life. It has all the immediate zing that tingles my nose hairs without murdering my stomach, and 3 seconds later I’m reaching for more. Fantastic.

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