What Our Happy Customers Say

We love it when a customer is happy and below is a selection of comments from happy chilli-heads who have taken the time to give us some feedback!


I have just put in another bumper order to keep our Mr Vikkis habit going!! Please bring back the Coriander Sauce, alongside Chilli Jam it is our household fave!! The RSJ is yummy, but Coriander was even better!!!!


About 6 months ago we stopped at Tebay services either north bound or south, not sure which, and bought some Coriander Sauce / Chutney / Pickle not sure which and its lovely and I use it on most savoury meals. Thank you!


We are Australians working here in the UK for 2011 and whilst on holiday in Keswick bought 3 jars of Tomato and Nigella Chutney and 3 jars of Mary’s Westmorland Chutney… needless to say they went off like a Hot Balloon! Thank you. Best Wishes, Peter (and family).


Hi there, I would like to order some of your wonderful King Naga pickle, I normally purchase it from you via the Chilli Fiesta at West Dean but you had sold out by the time I got there this year! Thank you.


Hi I love your product, it really is fantastic. I live in Perth, nearest stockist Lupe Pinto. I have a delicatessen, Provender Brown, very close. I have taken them a few jars and they love it. I used some Hot Lemon Pickle in a homemade Chicken Pathia, fantastic.


I bought a jar of your King Naga which was quite exquisite and I have since visited your website which reinforced my view of your extremely well crafted products. It is so good to see the effort and interest that you clearly make result in such superb products.


Just returned from York Food and drink Festival, bought your Hot Coriander sauce 1st, WOW, got addicted and then got Hot Lemon Harissa, King Naga and Hot Mango Chutney the next time we were in the festival. Beautiful, King Naga really warms the cockles!!!

John Smith

I went to York food festival on Saturday and bought your King Naga, and think its brilliant and I will be attending the first ever Manchester Chilli Festival and buying more of your products.

Andrew Brooks

Hi there, just love this site, seen you at the Bolton food festival and bought some Chilli Jam, I’ve never tasted such a wonderful product! Many thanks.

Angus Nicol

Hi Mr.Vikki’s – whoo-hoo your King Naga rules! Just finished my first jar courtesy of my parents recent holiday in Cumbria and I am hooked! Can’t wait to receive the range of items I have just ordered, and am recommending you to all my hot-headed friends!

Martyn Clegg

Your Naga Chilli Paste is the business my friend, purchased at the Dent show on Saturday, I will be buying more, thanks, Martyn.

Justin Cotchin

Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic King Naga paste. Wow!!!!! Tasted it at the Chilli Fiesta last weekend and used it this week in earnest and it is simply amazing. The flavour is fantastic and really highlights the lovely taste of the Naga Chilli. Gonna order some more now.

Janet Kent

Good Afternoon, I would just like to thank you for a fantastic service and a truly delicious product. My daughter gave me a taste of some she bought at the Cumbrian show and now I am well and truly hooked :)..Thanks again I will return for more soon…Jan Kent.

Mark Ledsom

Thought it would be a good thing to let you know how good HHH is! I am sure you know but I cannot stop eating it, on everything! I have done all the supermarket apparently “hot” sauces and never been satisfied until I found HHH when on holiday in the Lakes.

Ruth Benn

We were just in England visiting my brother and his family and they gave my husband a jar of your King Naga. My husband loves hot sauces and has tried MANY different ones. He absolutely loved the King Naga and says its the best he’s tasted.

Martin Nicholls

Found your stall by luck at the Royal Highland Show at Edinburgh. Purchased 3 products and tried later at a family BBQ. Think we are hooked! Daughter’s mouth still on fire! However bit like coals to Newcastle as her family live in the Lake District. Already made www site a favourite.

Emma Hill

Hi, I just wanted to say that I bought a bottle of Max’s Ketchup on a recent visit to Keswick and husband has gone absolutely mad for it, hence my order for 3 bottles of it today. He’s extremely pleased that we can order online as it is a two hour journey for us to the Lakes.

Jo Dawson

We bought some of your King Naga and Banana Chilli Chutney on the market at Keswick yesterday. We LOVE the stuff. We’ve already polished off two jars of the chutney between two of us already!

Michael Anderson

Hello first of all I’d like to say how amazing your products are – they are just brilliant. You can expect my next order in the very near future when I’ve eaten all the tasty products I’ve just received.

Sarah Reid

Congratulations to you on being the ruler of my cupboards!! Since being given some of your products for my birthday last year I have been a major fan to the extent that I asked this birthday could I only have things made by you!!

Alan Beverly

Review about HHH Hell Hot Habanero – It is the best chilli product I have ever tasted and adds a distinctive and wonderful flavour however it is used. I use it on cold meats, cheese, in omelettes, etc, or to spice up any sort of cooked dish. Marvellous stuff. I will be buying more.


Mr Vikkis is the best discovery of our visit to the Lake District a number of years ago, which has meant a chilli addition ever since. The range, taste, pricing and care of packaging when shipping each bumper order all make being a Mr Vikkis customer a fantastic experience. We tell anyone we know that likes some chilli spice to join the party. If you are reading this message thinking about placing an order, do yourself a favour, fill your basket and checkout now! Thanks Mr Vikkis...