Chilli Jam

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Our Best Seller! Great to use instead of a ketchup or relish, in sandwiches, in a stir fry or as a marinade, the list goes on!

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Chilli-heads will love this but will still find room for a bit more heat to be found in our ‘very hot’ category. Packed with flavour combinations and a higher chilli content than our mild and medium products, it’s not to be missed and should be bought out at every mealtime.



Sugar,Red Peppers,Red Jalapenos,Garlic,Tomato Puree,Onion Powder,Salt,Paprika,MUSTARD,Chilli Powder,Pectin,Fenugreek,Cornflour,Citric acid,Fennel seeds,Cumin seeds,Nigella Seeds & Spices


Allergens listed in bold. May contain traces of nuts.

18 reviews for Chilli Jam

  1. anteater

    I don’t do this…. write reviews… BUT…. this is SO good, that it’s worth it – sweet round flavour and hot enough…. YUM!

  2. Louise

    My husband’s mum brought a jar of this for my husband and I for Christmas. I was exceptionally sceptical as a Korma burns my mouth but I have to say even though it is hot, the flavour and taste is out of this world!! I will never buy a chilli jam from the supermarket again!! As a recommendation to anyone who is thinking of trying this chilli jam first time or wary of anything that says HOT- mix a teaspoon of this chilli jam with half a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and have it as a salad dressing – its bliss!!

  3. DaveW

    I’ve been ordering this or picking it up at the market in Keswick for years – wouldn’t use anything else any more. I have tried lots of chilli jams and even made some myself but what’s the point when Mr Vikki’s is so good?

  4. Mike Jonas

    Excellent chilli jam. Bought a jar this morning from the shop and have just enjoyed an awesome cheese and chilli jam sandwich. Not overly hot but does have a very nice ‘kick’ to it.

  5. Ms Raj Kanth (verified owner)

    This is the best condiment to any meal…there is nothing that compares to this jam. It is a must have in any kitchen cupboard. I’ve been using this product since 2014.

  6. tomkycraig72

    I thought chilli jam would be hot, but not this it has a nice taste of spices and just right to use with anything sandwiches, as a dip etc.
    I will definitely be ordering a couple of Jars of this when I purchase another order.

  7. Max (verified owner)

    Bought a jar of this from the farm shop now I have it on everything it’s lovely just the right amount of heat with a hint of sweetness. If like me you like a bit of heat but not burning this is perfect give it a try.

  8. Michael

    I was searching for something to flavour raw peanuts as I have a liking for spicy nuts with a beer or two. This does the job (along with a few spices)to perfection. Plus you’ll never taste a better mature cheddar/wiltshire ham toasted sandwich – sublime.

  9. Pat (verified owner)

    Absolutely marvellous jam and great with all meats, fish and cheeses and also added to a Vodka makes it well worth drinking! Enjoy!!

  10. Dan (verified owner)

    This stuff is incredible. Stunning flavours which combine perfectly to create a depth of flavour you simply will not find anywhere else. Honestly a beautiful product that you can enjoy on sandwiches, chicken, cheeses – you name it. Not hot, so those of you that have a mild pallet, do not be afraid!

    Thank you so much!

  11. Laura Hudson (verified owner)

    An absolute classic

  12. Adrian (verified owner)

    My son and I have fought food wars for the jars of Mr Vikkis chilli jam for years, hiding them pretending they’re finished, one of our greatest pleasures. He has been in Australia for 4 years now and I now instead of keeping this delicious one and only ‘real’ chilli jam, I have to wrap them up 3 at a time and parcel them to Australia. Under my wife’s eagle eye to ensure I don’t keep any back for myself. It is if you like a lovely chilli jam – heaven in the mouth. It compliments so many foods I cannot count. Ha Turkey at Christmas bliss. Thank you Mr Vikki.

  13. Robert Symons

    Simply the best chilli jam out there!

  14. Rachel (verified owner)

    I love this chilli Jam and have recommended it to everyone I know and it’s now a favourite with them. It literally goes with everything. Cheese toasties, cheese and crackers, crisps, fajitas, pizza, hummus etc etc etc!

    • mrvikkis

      Thanks Rachel much apppreciated

  15. Clare Howlett (verified owner)

    We love this product. One of our favourites is to add chilli jam to sausage meat and make the most delicious sausage rolls. We take these on the shoot and they are always a big hit. I also like chilli jam on cheese on toast.

    • mrvikkis

      Awoke Claire thank you

  16. Kevin (verified owner)

    This is the best chilli jam in the world these guys deserve credit I have used 2 in a year and just ordered another two anyone who say they have found another one better I disagree mr Vikkis does the best chilli jam I have ever tasted and probably in the world you deserve so much credit for this

    • mrvikkis

      Awsome kevin thank you

  17. Christy Holden (verified owner)

    My lovely Kendal friends sent me a jar of this. It disappeared very quickly. Went to order some more and saw the full array on offer. Two more of these plus the mayo (yum), the curry sauce (yum) and the marinade (yum) . Still yet to try the chilli sauce but that will be this week. I enjoy the chilli jam with everything but particular favourite is with bacon and avocado bap for brunch

    • mrvikkis

      Bacon and Avo Bap I’m in, thanks Christy

  18. Myrddin Irwin (verified owner)

    I first picked up a jar at Lancaster Market around 15 years ago, and instantly became a long standing favourite. I had never tasted such a complex and well balanced mix of flavours and heat. After sampling much of Mr.Vikkis full range of products this is still my first to ‘add to basket’ on mostly every order. I add it to everything from pizza, sandwiches, or as an addition to cheese boards or just general dunking with chips!

    • mrvikkis

      Awsome thanks Myrddin

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